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5 Ideas to Enhance Your Texas Patio Space

From Mood Lighting to Outdoor Audio, Make Your Backyard Feel Like a Vacation

Who says staying home on the weekends can’t be fun? You can bring the atmosphere of any hip restaurant or bar right to your backyard with a decked-out patio space. Meals, drinks, and conversations spent under the stars always feel more meaningful.

If you’re looking to enhance your backyard space but aren’t sure how to, we’ll share our ideas below. With outdoor entertainment and the right lighting, you’ll make good use of your Westlake, TX patio all year long.

Cozy Outdoor Lighting

For a welcoming ambiance, you’ll want outdoor lighting that creates a warm glow and is easy to customize. Everyone loves string lights, but you may also want to consider installing pathway lights or accent lighting to illuminate your home and landscaping. A technology integrator can install your landscape lights with discreet underground wires that all connect to one smart system. You can easily schedule lights to turn on at a specific time or tap your lights on right from your smartphone.

Fire Pit

Texas summers are brutally hot, but as we move into cooler nights, you’ll love gathering around the fire to roast marshmallows and tell stories. There are many options for your fire centerpiece: natural gas fire pit tables, wood-burning pits, masonry rings, and fire bowls and columns.

Outdoor Audio

The crackling fire is a nice enough soundtrack, but let’s turn this into a party with outdoor audio. Brands like Paradigm build speakers that withstand all weather and stay outside year-long, no matter how hot, cold, or wet it gets. Underground components like a burial subwoofer and amplifier discreetly improve your sound quality. The burial subwoofer adds low bass notes and power to your music, while an underground amp amplifies signals to send to each speaker.

Like your outdoor lighting, outdoor speakers can be wired and synched to one system that you access through your smart device. You may want to extend your system beyond the patio to where you’ll listen while gardening, exercising, or swimming.

Comfy Seating

Want to get creative with your patio seating? Maybe you want to lie back with a book in a hammock, or rock back and forth on swing trees. Outdoor couches are water-resistant, and you can find one that matches your personal aesthetic as you would inside.

Outdoor TV

When you’ve spent enough time in the living room, take your TV time outdoors with a weatherproof SunBrite screen. SunBrite’s TVs are durable against rain, snow, heat, dust, and wind, and are three times brighter than standard screens so you can see without glare even during the daytime.

Ready to bring outdoor entertainment to your backyard? Contact Futurian Systems to discuss building an outdoor lighting, audio, or video system today.


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