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How To Find The Best Control4 Dealer For Your Home

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Smart Home Control is Easy When You Work With an Expert

Investing in smart home automation is a great way to simplify your lifestyle, get a handle on the technology you use every day and add value to your home. But if you think you’ll get these perks out of any old smart home professional you’d be wrong. That’s why it’s best to work with an experienced Control4 dealer: a trusted professional working locally in Vail, CO who can provide you with the best service and gear for a smart home you’ll truly love. Below we’ll show you some reasons you should choose Futurian Systems as your Control 4 Dealer.


When you work with a Control4 dealer, you’re not just getting an awesome product. You’re getting a knowledgeable professional who can show you the ropes, help integrate all of your devices and keep an eye out for cool new stuff that you might enjoy down the line. Futurian Systems offers more experience and expertise than any other Control4 dealer in Colorado. We’ve known the product from the start, as we were part of the Control4 beta testing team.

For the past 14 years we’ve been installing international award-winning Control4 systems. Throughout that time we’ve continued to learn everything we need to know about smart technology as trained and certified CEDIA technicians. That has resulted in an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a Pinnacle status with Control4—the highest level afforded only to lifetime dealers.


With the rise of do-it-yourself smart technology, you may think it’s no problem at all to integrate a system that will control all of the gear in your home. And sure, you may get a smart TV or thermostat that’s no harder to install than any plug-and-play device. But combining the controls of your different components into one place requires an experienced technician.

As Control4 dealers, we offer comprehensive, dedicated control of every component in your smart home. More than that, all your components work together to start saving you money and simplifying your life. Sure, a remote light dimmer can help lower energy costs – but a Control4 system can prompt your light to dim automatically. That way you save even when you forget!


What can you use with your Control4 System? You decide! We work with you to integrate your favorite devices. And with Control4, just about anything is possible. Control4 has one of the longest lists of compatible manufacturers available. From your Lutron lighting to Amazon Alexa voice control integration, you can command each device separately or together with a Control4 system.

The true beauty of Control4 is that it doesn’t just help you use your various systems – it actually helps you get more out of them. For instance, your music library may seem unwieldy if you’re trying to navigate thousands of songs at once. But by integrating features from Control4, you can utilize organized playlists, artist information and more to bring it all together. It’s the easiest way to get the most out of your technology.

Want to take advantage of Control4’s integrated systems? Why not work with the most experienced Control4 dealer in your area? Futurian Systems can meet all of your home automation needs. Contact us today for more information!

And if you have immediate questions, click the “Let’s Talk” button at the bottom of your screen!


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