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Access Controls

Need to better protect access to areas within your business or home? Access Controls do just that. Whether you need a simple access card system, or a more sophisticated fingerprint or eyeball scanner, Futurian can design and install a system that keeps all areas well protected.



If your home or business doesn't have cameras today, you are taking a big risk. Theft and litigation within the home and business environment is on the rise, and cameras can play a critical role in protecting you from those unruly thiefs and/or those litigious guests that want to blow everything out of proportion.


Electronic Door Locks

Digital Electronic Door Locks of today have created a much more secure and convenient means in which to protect your home and business from wherever you may be. These door locks have many codes in which you can give to your guests, while also being alerted should they use the code. Remote access makes it super easy to unlock/lock a door while away. A definite must-have in today's modern home and business!


Burglar Alarm

Burglar Alarms of today have grown more advanced than ever before. The protection available to you against those burglaries ensures your safety with the advanced alerting, automation of lighting and sirens, and the notification to first responders. Make sure you are not missing the newest technologies when it comes to this most serious concern.

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