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Holy moly has gaming advanced! You are really missing out if you have not engaged in the world of gaming, and now with Virtual Realty quickly becoming a part of the gaming community, you will experience moments so intense your intuition takes over!


Mirror TV

Enjoy entertainment without compromising on design. Mirror TVs are created to reflect your style, not distract from it. A high performance TV when on, a stunning mirror when off. Now that's true video beauty!

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Hold a lot of conference calls? Why not add the video component to your meetings while you sit at home or at work? Deliver your message much more effectively by showing your attendees rather than only talking to them. The modern way in which to conduct meetings is with video. Many video conferencing technologies exist to create a much more engaging meeting that allows you the added benefit of reading body language.

Outdoor TV

Outdoor Displays

Love being outdoors? Want some video with those outdoors? No problem! Outdoor Video can withstand all the elements while still delivering an amazing Ultra Hi-Def Video experience. Entertaining outside has now reached a whole new level!

UHDTV Projection

Ultra Hi-Def Projection

Looking to gain more real estate for your money? Projection Video is where its at! Now you can go beyond the size limitation of flat panel TVs, and fill an entire wall with Ultra Hi-Definition Video! Don't miss out on creating a truly awesome viewing experience somewhere in your home or business!

Video Wall

Video Wall

Video Walls create a much more immersive feel when it comes to displaying all kinds of content. Whether you are looking for one giant display or multiple tiles of different video, a Video Wall achieves this.

Media Server

Media Server

Why keep hundreds if not thousands of movie discs when you can store them all on a server?? Whether on disc or as a digital download, movie servers bring together all your movies in a visually stunning library, making it beautifully simple to access and enjoy movies that truly matter to you.


Ultra Hi-Def Flat Panel

Ultra Hi-Def TV brings you video that is so good, it's hard to believe it can get any better! Don't miss out on the latest broadcasts of 4K by not having the most updated video technologies that can truly bring a huge difference in your viewing pleasure.

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