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More Ways Commercial Automation Helps You Protect Your Business

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Smart Solutions for Every Company

If you’re a fan of smart home automation, or you’re thinking of upgrading your Vail, Colorado or Southlake, Texas spaces with integrated technology, you know that the various controllers can quickly become a pain. Whether you get frustrated with multiple remotes cluttering up your counters or too many apps sucking up storage space on your smartphone, one of the best ways to use them all with ease and confidence is by upgrading with Control4. From your lights and shades to your AV equipment, everything can connect to the system that’s simple to use. Read on to learn more.

Protecting your company’s employees and assets is essential for running a successful business. If you don’t keep the people who work for you safe, they are less likely to be productive, efficient workers. Commercial automation is a perfect way to enhance the security of your Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas spaces. If you’ve been following our blog, you already know how access control systems can keep you safe. In this edition, we’ll show you even more ways that smart technology can protect you. Read on for more.

Commercial Networking

By now you probably know how important a network is to your business, and if you have a small office you’ve likely already invested in a hardwired version. But what happens when you’re operating a stadium, or a marijuana grow field? In those cases you’ll need to integrate a reliable wireless network that make it easy for security guards to communicate. One smart solution is signal boosters. Signal boosters allow for a wider dispersion of your Wi-Fi signal. For instance, if you have guards roaming a 300 yard field, they need to know if something has triggered the geo-fence, and be able to review surveillance footage when necessary. A connected tablet will allow them to do just that.

Controlling Smart Devices

Along with the ability to communicate via the network, your security team can also control connected devices. That gives them the ability to protect the entire area even when no one else is around. Everything from lights to entry ways can be adjusted from a connected tablet. For instance, a guard may have heard a noise while monitoring the area. Not only can he automatically view it remotely, but he can raise the smart lighting in the area for a clearer look. If he senses trouble, he can quickly lock each door to the facility. Additionally, he can remotely call the cops if necessary.


While you will probably want to maintain a human touch with intelligent, well trained security guards, don’t forget that your system can do a lot of work on its own to protect your spaces. Above we mentioned “geo-fencing” technology. Here’s why it’s a smart investment: Geo-fencing gives you hands-free control of your system. Essentially, a digital fence is erected around your space. It’s programmed to react when it observes that the fence is crossed. In the case of your employees, it can lock down the area automatically as soon as the last person leaves. Conversely, when an unauthorized person crosses the space, it can set off alarms, raise floodlights and train all cameras on them.

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