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Entertain Your Guests with a Commercial AV System

Why You Need a Distributed Audio and Video System at Your Business in Vail, CO

As customers and guests visit your business in Vail, CO, they’re looking for an outstanding encounter – whether that’s a luxury stay at your hotel, an incredible shopping experience at your retail store, or terrific food and fine-tuned ambiance in your restaurant. Yet, even if you have all the luxurious frills at your commercial space, you could be missing a crucial component – commercial AV! Your audio and video systems (or lack thereof) will make or break the guest experience.

Keep your customers happy, entertained, and informed with a distributed AV system that is high-end and easy to control. In this blog, we’ll feature the benefits of commercial AV and why you need it at your business.


The Simplicity of Audio Distribution

Stream audio throughout your entire property by simply tapping an icon on a touchpad or clicking it on your computer. Audio distribution is so easy to control, but most importantly, it creates an amazing guest experience. For instance, with a multi-zone audio system, you can play different music in various parts of your restaurant, hotel, or business: relaxing music in one location, upbeat tunes in another, and different playlists throughout your entire property.

Instead of running around and setting up all the systems, you have only one! Right from the front desk or office, your managers and staff can access and control every aspect of the audio system. The same is true for video!

Distributed Video Makes an Impression

A distributed video system takes entertainment and marketing to the next level. Imagine having 4K HDR TVs in your restaurant, hotel lobby, or retail store. When you capture the eyes (and ears) of your customers, it makes your business stand out from the rest. Play professionally recorded videos of skiers taking on the slopes, guests enjoying a Swedish massage in your hotel spa, or people dining at your 5-star restaurant.

The videos you display encourage engagement in your services, product purchases, and repeat visits. In turn, 4K video displays can generate more revenue for you. Best of all, you’ll never worry about video lags or audio problems. By streaming media over IP (moIP), you’ll always have a reliable connection to play high-performance audio and display 4K content throughout your entire property. Your 4K HDR content can be sent from any number of sources to all displays for a completely scalable solution.

It’s All Under Your Control

Seamless control doesn’t need to stop at commercial AV. With commercial automation, you enjoy one-touch command of motorized shades, lighting, commercial security, indoor climate, and much more! A Control4 automation system lets you program an endless number of scenes for different locations on your property. So, setting the mood and atmosphere is as easy as tapping a button.

Would you like to find out more about commercial AV and building automation? Call Futurian Systems, chat with us on this page, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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