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3 Reasons to Automate Your Audio & Video with Control4

Your Music, TV, and Home Theater at Just the Touch of a Button

When entertainment requires many steps to assemble and fiddle around with, we’re less likely to use it. But a smart home automation system like Control4 can get your audio and video ready in seconds while creating the perfect atmosphere, whether that’s in the living room, the home theater, or on the patio.

As Control4 experts with eighteen years of experience, we’ve installed countless systems in Vail, CO households. There are always fun and creative ways to approach home entertainment, making your music, movie, and TV enjoyment much more convenient and immersive. See how Control4 can enhance your AV below!

Consolidate to One Control

Do you have a remote for the TV, a remote for the Blu-ray player, and another remote for…something? Maybe there’s a wall switch for the projector screen, knobs for the receiver, and an app on your phone for your speakers? It’s time to consolidate all you’re A/V controls into one Control4 app or through Control4’s sleek Neeo remote. Your favorite services, from ESPN to Netflix, will be front and center on the screen, ready for you. You’ll access the lights, screens, and speakers all from one location.

Enjoy an Automatic Atmosphere

Whether it’s a movie night or an evening with jazz and cocktails, Control4 can help set the mood for your audio and video. For example, the automation system can sync your shading and lighting with your TV and speakers. When you press pause, lights can automatically go up by 30%. Press play in the home theater, and lights can dim gradually over several seconds.

Whole-home audio is easier when you can stream music in every room, selecting songs through a dedicated keypad on each room’s wall. Double-tap the volume button to turn off the audio zone you’re standing in. Or imagine that once you turn the shower lights on, music will automatically start playing in the bathroom, set to your favorite playlist.

Access All Your AV Sources

You don’t need to limit your audio and video to one area of the house. Transmit A/V signals from the home theater to displays and speakers across the house, selecting them right through your Control4 app. So, as you walk to the kitchen or the back patio, you can still hear and see the game or latest episode of The Bachelor, never missing a second. Sync your grand piano or the record player to the whole home speaker system, enjoying your favorite analog sources alongside streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. It’s all in one system—one Control4.

Ready to upgrade your home entertainment experience with Control4? Futurian Systems is Vail, Colorado’s destination for all things smart home automation. Contact us here to learn more and discuss your new smart system today.


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