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Enjoy Perfect Picture And Sound Quality In Your Home Media Room

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Southlake, TX Residents Deserve the Best

When defining a home media room, there are two things that every homeowner looks for. One is perfect picture quality. The other is excellent, immersive audio. Many homeowners don’t believe it’s possible to enjoy incredible looking and sounding content in a space that’s versatile enough for the whole family to enjoy. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the technology necessary for enjoying high quality content in your media room.

Picture: The Basics 

When designing a media room, there are plenty of options for finding a great picture. And while some homeowners love the look of the projected image, many prefer the benefits of TV displays. Because TVs are single units that don’t require a lot of space, media rooms can support multiple displays without a problem. If you’re investing in a TV, here are some terms to look out for:

  • 4K UHD: If you’ve been following technology, you probably know that 4K Ultra High Definition is a big deal. It means that the image on the screen is four times more pixel-dense, when measured diagonally, than standard 1080p HD. The result is an image so sharp it’s more like looking out a window than watching a screen.

  • HDR: High dynamic range is a technology that digitally expands the gamut between the brightest visible white and darkest visible black available on the screen. Because all colors exist within that spectrum, you’ll actually see more gradients of each resulting in a more realistic image.

  • OLED: This one’s still a bit controversial. OLED promises to provide a deeper, clearer and more colorful image by lighting the display entirely with LED. By letting LED lights generate color as well as light, there are more visible colors and limited graying out of shadows and deep black. However, many manufacturers have been resistant to adopting the technology, like Sony and Samsung, preferring to stick with enhanced versions of standard LED screens.

Sound: The Basics

Perfect picture is only half of the equation. If you want excellent content you’ve also got to invest in the right sound system. Of course, just like choosing a video display, there are some considerations you should look out for. Below we define some more terms:

  • Immersive Audio: Also known a 3D surround sound, immersive audio submerges the listener in a sphere of sound. In addition to standard front and rear channels, immersive systems often offer above head speakers as well. The sound moves fluidly from one unit to the next, creating a seamlessly realistic experience.

  • High-Fidelity/High Definition: You’re already familiar with HD video, but did you know there are “high definition” versions of audio files as well? Lossless files allow you to listen to your music in better than CD quality, so you’ll be able to hear more. Today, high fidelity is often used interchangeably with high definition.

Are you excited about building the home media room of your dreams? Contact Futurian Systems today by filling out this form or calling us at 866-597-6616.



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