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Turn Your Living Room into a Multi-Use Home Media Room

A media room with a sectional couch, large display with Sony projector, and smart lighting.

Create a Family-Friendly Space Everyone Will Enjoy

A living room is the heart of the home and the space where families gather for entertainment, conversation, and relaxation after a long day. However, enjoying a movie or listening to music in a busy living room is only sometimes ideal. But, with just a few enhancements to the space, you can take your living room up a notch and convert it into a proper home media room.

A media room is an excellent option for families that don't have a separate space for entertainment, such as a home theater. Typically built in a living room or common area, media rooms are less traditional than a home theater, yet a highly sophisticated way to enjoy home entertainment.

Please continue reading for suggestions on turning your Southlake, TX, living room into a home media space your whole family will enjoy.

Lighting Control

Lighting is critical in a home media room, as it sets the mood for any event. For example, movie watchers will want to dim the lights while enjoying their favorite flick. Not only is that something that enhances the movie experience, but it also signals to others passing by that the media room is in use. Alternatively, someone enjoying music may prefer a brighter light setting.

Installing an advanced lighting control system helps you make lighting adjustments with the type of entertainment you are enjoying. Lighting controls can be installed on a wall panel or programmed into an app for use on a smart device.

Motorized Shades

Similar to the benefits of dimming the lights during movie time, you may also want to block out any natural light from outside. If your living room has windows, an investment in motorized shades would be worthwhile. Competing with the sun's glare is never fun, and motorized shades can open and close simply with a button. In addition, they are a family-friendly option that anyone can use.

Hidden Technology

If you're wondering how you will still entertain in your living room once it becomes a media room, fear not! Hidden technology features allow you to conceal your TVs and speakers when they’re not in use. For instance, the TV could transform into a work of art, a mirror, or disappear into a console, while your speakers are virtually hidden in walls and ceilings. Many options are available to transform your media room into a living room as needed.


Because your home media room will also be your living room, it may be best to bypass the typical home theater seating and opt for a lovely sectional couch instead. Ensure you have places for everyone in your family or guests to sit, relax and enjoy the show.

Please get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more about home media rooms for your Southlake, TX home. We'd love to discuss options with you and provide a quote.


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