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New Year, New Home, New Smart Home Automation System!

Get Started on the Right Foundation When Building Your Home

It’s the new year! And with it comes new possibilities and adventures. You may even have a New Year’s resolution, such as finally building the new home of your dreams. Finding the right architect and builder is a great place to start. After all, you want more than a cookie-cutter home in Fort Worth, TX, but one that caters to your preferences exactly.

Don’t stop there! If you’re considering smart home automation, and most luxury homeowners do, then now is the time to add it to your home – before the drywall goes up. Working with a smart home integrator at the beginning stages of home construction makes the process easier and more optimized for your needs. Find out more by reading below!

Are You Wired for Smart Home Integration?

One of the main reasons to use a smart home integration company at the beginning stages of the construction process is wiring. So, why does wiring matter? Just imagine what it would be like to purchase a home without plumbing or electricity. It would be extremely labor-intensive and expensive – as well as messy – to install everything after the fact. That’s why all the important components of your home are part of the home-build process.

A smart home system is no different. While it may seem like an extra convenience or luxury, it is actually an integral part of your home. If you want a robust home automation system with home security, audio-video systems, and networking, it’s important to have a strong pre-wiring foundation.

How the Process Begins?

If you’re new to smart home automation, then this is your time to dream. It all begins with a consultation. During that time, an expert from Futurian Systems will determine the technologies you want in your home and where you want them. If you’re unsure, we’ll explain your options – from whole-home audio and home theaters to outdoor AV, smart security, motorized shades, and lighting. You can control every technology in your home via a smart home tablet or smartphone app.

Why You Need a Smart Home Integrator?

You wouldn’t use a plumber to install electrical wires, right? So, don’t hire a contractor or even an electrician to set up your smart home automation system. While they are skilled in their trades, they will not have the expertise in low-voltage wiring, ensure they a properly installed, and then set up and program the entire system.

For instance, running a speaker wire beside an electrical cable causes problems with a whole-home audio system. Unfortunately, you won’t discover the issue until after the home is built. Futurian Systems avoids this type of problem, because we’ve been installing smart home systems for years. We’ll work with your builder and the subcontractors to ensure everything is up to code and installed for maximum efficiency.

When you build a home, make sure you do it the right way. Pre-wire your smart home system by using a skilled integrator like Futurian Systems. To set up a consultation, call us at (866) 597-6616, chat with us on this page, or fill out our online contact form.


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