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Why Now Is the Time to Upgrade Your Business’ Commercial Networking

Upgrade while your staff is away and hit the ground running when you’re back to work

Many business owners in the Fort Worth area are feeling the pinch of a challenging year. But if you're getting used to a remote workforce or are observing distance and room capacity guidelines, you have an opportunity to upgrade your workspace like never before.

Consider this: how frequently does your business see such little traffic? That makes it the perfect time to upgrade your commercial networking and surveillance system. Futurian can run wires, install cabling structures, and build electronic racks without disrupting workflow.

Ready to seize this unique opportunity for a system upgrade that won’t throw your business off track? Keep reading below.

Building a Network

Many business owners understand why a network connects your computer systems and the internet. Whether you're on Wi-Fi or a hardwired system, you couldn't share files, keep records, or perform any digital operations.

In other words, the network is the backbone of modern business.

Even though your network's function is primarily digital, it also requires a physical device installation. Routers, wireless access points, wiring, and mesh networking nodes are just a few of the devices you’ll need to ensure full connectivity throughout your business.

If your staff is out of the office these days, it's an excellent opportunity to start building a better network. Not only will your operations likely improve, but most experts recommend upgrading your equipment regularly to ensure the latest security features.

Installing a Surveillance System

For physical security, there are few better options than a modern surveillance system. New cameras sport innovative features that help you keep an eye on your business at all times. Night vision, fever detection, 360-degree viewing angles, and advanced artificial intelligence help protect businesses and aid in operational management.

Surveillance systems require specific components, including cameras, cabling, and digital video recorders to store high-resolution footage hours. In some cases, wireless networks will help you reach your business areas you didn't know you could cover.

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