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Halloween Home Automation: Enjoy The Holiday In Style This Year

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Enhance the Safety and Fun of Your Halloween Festivities with Smart Solutions

What are your plans for this Halloween? Do you intend to host a spooky costume party? Or how about being the best house in town for trick or treaters? You can do it all with just a few buttons on your smartphone or tablet this Halloween with home automation in your Dallas, TX property. Whether you want to be the coolest haunted house on the block or you want to enjoy a quiet horror movie marathon with your family, you can do it all with smart home features. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

Setting the Mood With Smart Lighting

Integrated lighting control is cool: it can help you lower energy costs, make your home more beautiful and keep the kids safe while they’re running around in the yard. But it can also do something else that makes it perfect for All Hallows Eve; it can change color. LED lights are capable of generating thousands of different hues that add to the creepy Halloween décor. You can set a spectral blue in the living room and a bloody red in the kitchen. Turn your home into a glowing haunted mansion for everyone to enjoy.

Horror Movie Marathons

Think all you need for a horror movie marathon is a handful of Blu-ray discs and a bowl of popcorn? Well, you’d be right. But movie night is much better when you can have instant access to thousands of different viewing options, easy control of your projector and sound system and the ability to change the light and temperature settings without getting up from your comfortable, customized theater seat.

In other words, you’ll have a better time in your very own home theater. With easy-to-use controls over all your connected devices, you’ll have a great time all night long. And you’ll only every have to get up to refill the popcorn bowl!

Integrated Security for Safer Holiday Fun

So you’re sitting in your home theater, watching a movie and there’s a knock on the door. Is it a trick or treater? The pizza delivery guy? Or could it be your home’s previous owner who’s just risen from the grave? Whomever it is, you can easily find out from your seat with an integrated video doorbell system. With a single touch on your control pad, you can pause your movie, pull up the doorbell feed on the screen and even speak to the person (or ghoul) at the door.

Additionally, you can even know who’s coming before they reach the door with a PIR invisible fence. Once a neighborhood friend crosses the threshold, your integrated surveillance system can go into action. You’ll be ready and waiting for them at the door with candy in hand!

Are you ready to enjoy a safer and more entertaining Halloween with home automation? Contact Futurian Systems today!


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