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Improve Energy Efficiency at Your Home with Motorized Shades

Save on Energy Bills and Protect Your Vail Valley Home

Energy efficiency is something many people talk about, but what is it exactly? It simply means eliminating energy waste and reducing the amount of energy needed to perform the same functions. What is one of the best solutions for achieving energy efficiency at your Vail home? The answer is motorized shades.

Keep reading to find out what motorized shades can do for your Colorado home — plus the shading brand we recommend from our Vail Valley showroom.


When sunlight comes through your windows, solar radiation enters your home — thus increasing your home’s temperature. That is called solar heat gain. Leaving your windows uncovered all day during the summer will certainly make your home very warm. Your HVAC system then has to work hard to cool down your home to a comfortable temperature; the harder it works, the higher your energy bills.

A way to keep your home comfortable and your HVAC system from overworking is covering your windows with motorized shades. Motorized shades use smart technology to know when to lower during the warmest parts of the day. They utilize sunlight sensors to self-adjust and provide coverage from harsh sunlight, so that you and your family stay cool throughout the day and your conditioning doesn’t have to wear out.


You likely have items at home that you love — special pieces of art, favorite furniture, unique rugs, family heirlooms. Sadly, sunlight can damage all of those items — even your carpet! UV radiation can fade colors and add dryness. Thankfully, motorized shades can limit the amount of sunlight entering your home, therefore reducing the sunlight damage that can affect your art, furnishings, and carpeting.


Screen Innovations is a brand producing some of the best motorized shades around. Its wireless shades offer ultimate flexibility — they can connect to your smartphone, tablet, or voice assistants like Google Home or Alexa. You can control Screen Innovations’ shades through a wide array of wired and wireless control interfaces, and they’re rechargeable. They also integrate with smart home systems like Control4, Savant, and Crestron — giving you features like remote access and scheduling for your shades.

To find out more about motorized shades and Screen Innovations’ products, contact our team at Futurian. Motorized shades are one of the solutions we offer and we’re a Screen Innovations dealer.

Plus, you can visit us at our Vail Valley, CO, location to experience the technology for yourself. We can schedule a no-obligation consultation for you!

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