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Keep Your Cool With Motorized Shades

Chill out This Summer With Smarter Solutions in Your Vail Valley, CO Home

When you think of summer you probably think of vacations and warm weather. What you might not spend so much time daydreaming about is your overheated rooms and exposed home furnishings. But if you’re keeping the windows open day and night, or overworking your AC to try and beat the heat, that’s exactly what you could be getting. That’s why you should invest in motorized shades. In this blog, we’ll tell you exactly how you can enjoy a cooler summer. Read on for more.

Problem: Staying Cool in the Summer

If there’s one sure-fire way to keep you cool in the summer, it’s closing all of the windows and cranking up the AC. But that just drives up energy costs, because your thermostat will always be running. And if you don’t have an AC and you’re keeping the windows open, you’re also exposing your home to potentially damaging UV rays. So how do you keep cool and minimize exposure while still enjoying the energy-saving benefits of natural sunlight?

Solution: Motorized Sun Shades

The answer is simple: install motorized sunshades. The translucent materials will help filter light through, but keep nasty UV rays at bay. That means the room won’t heat up every time you want to see outside. Daylight harvesting sensors can even lower your shades automatically when there’s enough light in the room, so you can enjoy your summer without losing your cool.

Problem: Going out of Town

Everyone loves going on vacation. But leaving the house behind can be a cause of anxiety. While there are plenty of great security features available for protecting your home, one of the easiest ways to gain quick peace of mind is by enhancing the privacy of your space.

Solution: Remote Shading Control

There’s nothing easier than hitting a button and lowering all of the shades in your home. The only thing better would be doing it from a hammock on the beach. With integrated motorized shades, you can raise or lower them remotely via your smartphone or tablet. You don’t have to be in the same room, same building or even the same area code. Just tap a button and make it happen.

Problem: Your Home Isn’t Beautiful Enough

Can’t find the perfect way to tie a room together? Need a new look for a summer home makeover? Sometimes, you just need to change one thing to make it all work.

Solution: Shades Come in a Variety of Fabrics, Colors and Patterns

You get the idea…

Are you ready to enjoy a cooler, safer and more beautiful Vail Valley, CO home? Motorized shades are the answer! Contact Futurian Systems today!


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