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How Human-Centric Lighting Boosts Your Every Day

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From Morning to Night, Let Your Lighting Guide You

Did you know your Fort Worth, TX home’s lighting can shape your day-to-day routine? As lighting impacts everything in the room - including how you feel and experience the space - it has a significant effect on your circadian rhythm. And as a result, it greatly affects your body and mind!

So align your whole day with human-centric lighting that keeps you on task and leaves you rejuvenated and rested day in and day out. Want to find out more about upgrading your home lighting automation with tunable LED solutions? Keep reading below.

Circadian Lighting Benefits

How can human-centric, or circadian, lighting affect your daily living experience? Our bodies crave natural lighting, as it keeps our circadian rhythms on track - helping us stay balanced and energized every day, both mentally and physically. So, a tunable, circadian lighting setup is defined by how your lighting fixtures readjust themselves to reflect the sun’s natural patterns and brightness throughout the day.

By doing so, your lighting automation system can ensure that you start your day on the right foot, and end it feeling rested and ready to sleep, as you should. Below, we’ll dive further into how this advanced lighting solution can benefit each part of your day so that you’re always feeling your best!

Wake Up Refreshed

Let your lighting mimic the natural sunlight outdoors with fixtures casting a glow similar to the sunrise right outside your bedroom. You’ll gradually wake up feeling rested instead of jolting awake to bright lighting that makes you feel groggy and irritated. Your lighting can slowly adjust to a brighter setting as you get ready and head downstairs to the kitchen, helping you feel good both mentally and physically.

Stay on Task!

During that midday slump around three in the afternoon or so, it’s easy to feel like it’s time for a nap or break from the day’s activities and responsibilities. But if you work from home or have important tasks to complete, then staying awake and alert is crucial! Your human-centric lighting can adjust to bluer white lighting tones that are known to promote productivity and keep you alert throughout the main portion of the day.

Wind Down for the Evening

As the day turns to night and the sun sets, your interiors can reflect the sun’s pattern and have your lighting slowly dim to get you relaxed and ready to head to bed. Read a book and gather with family by a candlelight glow in your living room, and then have every fixture shut off automatically once you head upstairs to sleep. You’ll go to bed feeling relaxed instead of wired and with your mind racing at the wrong hour! The result is waking up refreshed the next morning and starting anew every day.

Futurian Systems Is Here to Help

A tunable, human-centric lighting system requires a professional touch. We want to ensure that your system helps you feel balanced and refreshed every day, so our team of experts takes special care to deliver a strategic setup that always benefits you and your daily routine.

Want to find out more about tunable lighting automation for your property? Give our team at Futurian Systems a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!



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