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Create Ambiance in Your Home with Lighting Automation

How Low-Voltage Lighting and Motorized Shades Elevate Your Rooms’ Appeal

Business owners know it . . . and so do restaurateurs, retail shop owners, hotel managers, and entertainment venues. It’s not a secret, but a truth that few homeowners realize. And it’s this: lighting design does wonders to create an experience, elevate a mood, and even influence purchasing decisions.

So, if lighting design and automation have such a big impact, why don’t you have them in your home?

The good news is you can! Specifically, low-voltage lighting and motorized shades help to create an effect that uplifts and even completely changes the look of your rooms. Keep reading to learn the benefits of lighting automation, smart shades, and low-voltage lights in your Vail, CO, home.

What Is Low-Voltage Lighting?

Unlike most standard outlets that are 120 volts (240V for clothes dryers), low-voltage wiring usually carries 50 volts or less. Also referred to as structured wiring, low-voltage wiring is used for audio, video, data, and lights that require less voltage than traditional receptacles. They not only use less power, which helps you save energy, but they don’t get as hot either. So, it’s safe to place them in cabinets, tight spaces, or near artwork, because they don’t run the risk of fire or overheating. If you use LED bulbs, they are practically cool to the touch.

Why Is Low-Voltage Lighting Automation Better?

Your high voltage lights can only do so much to improve the ambiance in a room. While you can easily control them with your lighting automation system – and even change the color and brightness – they won’t provide the depth and rich character you want. Just think about your favorite restaurant you visit. Is the space illuminated only by ceiling lights? No. Instead, the dining area consists of many styles of lights, most of which are strategically placed low-voltage lights. They give the restaurant the “visual personality” you enjoy. The same can be true for your home.

Where Do Motorized Shades Fit In?

Motorized shades also use a low-voltage electrical system to operate. Simply tap a button on a remote or your smart home tablet, and you can control them seamlessly. Most importantly, motorized shades allow complete control of natural light in your rooms, helping to accentuate the lighting style you want throughout the day.

In fact, shades come in many varieties, such as sheer shades, room darkening shades, and light-filtering shades in various colors. Whatever the look you want in your home, your automated shades and low-voltage lighting system can achieve it!

Let Futurian Systems be your partner in designing a personalized lighting automation system for your entire home. Get started by calling (866) 597-6616, starting a chat on this page, or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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