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4 Seamless Ways To Control Your Motorized Shades

You Don’t Have to Always Use Your Tablet. Check Out These Methods for Shade Control.

If you have motorized shades in your home, then you already experience the luxury and convenience of smart home control. Whenever you want to raise or lower them, you tap an icon on your smart home tablet. Then, they respond in an instant. No need to get up to turn rods or fumble with strings. It’s beautifully seamless and sophisticated.

Would you like to take the smart experience up a notch? In this blog, we’ll highlight four other ways you can control the smart window treatments in your Fort Worth, TX, home. With a smart home system from Control4, you’ll experience the full benefits of smart motorized shade control. Keep reading to discover more.

Home Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Controlling your motorized shades with one touch of a button is convenient. But you can’t carry around your tablet everywhere. So, slip the Neeo remote into your pocket. Whether you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen, working on a home project, or playing with the kids, you can easily adjust all of your home’s technologies with Control4’s sleek remote (pictured above). It leverages the full power and functionality of your OS 3 system in a small and sleek package.

Close and open your motorized shades by tapping the icon on a 3” high-resolution screen.

Go Completely Hands-Free

Why touch a smart device when you don’t have to? Control4 also interfaces with a number of top voice-assistant brands, such as, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Simply speak a phrase, and you’ll go hands-free in an instant. For example, say, “OK Josh, open the shades,” “Alexa, start Movie Time scene,” or “Hey Google, dim the dining room lights to 40%.” No need for a tablet, smartphone, or Neeo remote. Your voice has the power!

They Have a Mind of Their Own!

A smart home sometimes gives people the impression that a home does everything on its own. Actually, that’s not far from the truth for some systems – motorized shades being one of them. With a little bit of programming or even a few icon taps, your motorized shades can think for themselves. For instance, we can connect your smart shades to light sensors. As the morning sun rises, your smart shades do as well. When night falls, so do your shades! You can also set your shades to operate on a schedule. This is an excellent shading solution if you follow a daily routine.

Shade Control On-the-Go

You don’t need to be near a tablet or remote to control your shades on a whim. In fact, you don’t even need to be home! With the Control4 app on your phone, you enjoy complete access to all the shades in your rooms. Raise and lower them whenever you want. Whether you’re working at the office, running an errand, or vacationing in another part of the world, you are always one tap away from operating your shades. Also, controlling your sha

des from afar is an excellent addition to home security, because it gives your home the appearance of occupancy when you’re not there.

Optimize your motorized shading system by expanding your smart control options. Learn how Futurian Systems can help by calling (866) 597-6616, chatting with us on this page, or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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