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Create a Comfortable Home Environment with Screen Innovations

Motorized Shades for Ambiance and Heat Control

There’s nothing like a Colorado summer. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains, strolling the farmers market and shopping areas, going river rafting, or enjoying time in your luxury home, you’ll find that summer is a wonderful time to get the most out of Vail, CO.

Still, with the summer sun comes the importance of heat and light control in your home. Motorized shades from Screen Innovations not only enhance the beauty and privacy of your indoor spaces, but they put one-touch light and heat control in the palm of your hand.

In this blog, we’ll highlight four ways Screen Innovations’ shades can improve the comfort and ambiance of your home.

Can Your Home Take the Heat?

Even though Vail is known for its pleasant summers, it can still get uncomfortably hot in your home if you don’t have smart shades on those east and west-facing windows. This is especially true if your property has few trees to shade your home.

Screen Innovations offers wireless and rechargeable heat-reducing shades that fit perfectly in every window. Choose your fabric and color, and then as the summer sun starts to peek through your windows, touch a button to lower your shades. If you prefer a no-touch solution, your indoor climate control system and shades can be programmed to work together to create an energy-efficient home.

Add Ambiance with Light-Filtering Shades

Sometimes you want both: natural light AND heat control. You don’t have to completely block out the sun to control heat. With light-filtering shades, you’ll enjoy the beautiful day while reflecting the heat outside.

Screen Innovations’ translucent motorized shades come in a variety of colors to accent your room’s design motif. They do not block the sun’s rays but softly filter them to create the perfect mood in your rooms. You’ll enjoy a beautiful heat-controlled home filled with natural light filtered through the sheer fabric color you desire.

Prevent Glare in Your Home

Your smart home is situated on a beautiful property with a picturesque view. But you have one problem: glare. Sometimes, the rising, afternoon, or setting sun creates a glare through your windows.

Darker-colored shades reduce glare while allowing light into your rooms. Also, the Duo model from Screen Innovations includes two shades in one. The interior portion is a thick fabric that is room-darkening, while the exterior fabric is sheer with light filtering properties. Simply push a button to control either shade and reduce glare in your rooms.

Blackout Shades in Your Home Theater

Movie night is something everyone in the house enjoys. However, if you have light streaming through your windows, it creates a less-than-perfect home theater environment.

Control the light and set the mood with blackout shades. They prevent any light from entering your home theater, creating the ideal space for watching movies, TV shows, and sporting events. Best of all, your blackout shades – as well as all the other shade models from Screen Innovations – are so easy to control. Press one icon on your smart home tablet, and they all adjust automatically.

Discover the many advantages of installing motorized shades from Screen Innovations. Call Futurian Systems at (866) 597-6616 or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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