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Experience Hands-On Smart Home Automation at #C4Yourself

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Get to know Control4 with Texas’ Integrated Technology Expert

You’ve never experienced anything like smart home automation. With one touch, you can transform your entire home; the lights, AV, security, comfort settings, and more. And you can even get more out of your system with hands-free controls that automatically respond to enhance convenience and ease-of-use.

At Futurian Systems, we’re Southlake’s certified Control4 dealer, and we want to guide you to the right technology for your home. With more than 18 years of experience, we craft smart home systems that eliminate the need for a traditional remote control and combine multiple functions with the touch of a single button.

Want to see why Control4 is the right solution for your Texas home? We invite you to #C4Yourself. Find out more below and contact us here to sign up for your session!

#C4Yourself Sessions

Through November, we’re hosting #C4Yourself Sessions; educational gatherings on the latest smart home devices and solutions available this year from Control4, a leader in home automation. Sessions are held both in-person and online, so you can feel confident you’re getting the most up-to-date information in a safe and sanitary way.

We'll include hands-on demos of Control4's best features, like tunable lighting, audio-video, integrated security, and automated comfort. Plus, you'll get an early peek at the brand-new Chime Video Doorbell and limited edition Red Neeo remote!

Once you see how a smart home from Control4 transforms your lifestyle, you’ll never want to give it up!

The Latest from Control4

Control4 leads and innovates within the smart home industry. Here are some of the latest devices they offer to simplify your lifestyle:

Chime: See and communicate with guests at the door, receive alerts, and watch recordings the instant they activate your system. Video-call rooms in the house and enjoy two-way speaking with your smartphone or tablet. Smart Home OS 3, the latest interface from Control4, ensures control from the award-winning app!

Limited Edition Red Neeo: An excellent device for lovers of streaming TV, music, and more! Enjoy whole-home control with the sleek, stylish, and ergonomically designed interface. Built on advanced design principles, the Neeo is a streamlined way to use every device in your home system. With the limited-edition Red Neeo remote, enjoy new smart control levels while expressing your unique style.

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