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How to Enjoy High-Quality Media in Your Home Theater

Kaleidescape Is a Must for Your Custom Home Theater Installation Project

Want to know a secret? Those movies you watch in your home theater – you’re not seeing them as the director intended! And we’re not talking about missing the extended director’s cut. If you stream movies through popular online channels, you’re watching a lower-quality version of the film. But you may be asking, “Why would a streaming service offer an inferior product?” Actually, it’s not their intention. In order to stream all the data, they must compress it, which invariably diminishes the quality.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem – and you don’t need to run out and purchase DVDs. Instead, Kaleidescape is the answer. Put this system in your Fort Worth, TX, home theater, and you have your own private library of movies – with no compression – only the highest-quality films around. Keep reading to learn how Kaleidescape is a must for your home theater installation project.

What Is Kaleidescape?

If you want to enjoy the best food and a delicious meal that satisfies your tastebuds (not simply your appetite), where do you go? To a high-end restaurant! That’s where you’ll find premium food. However, when you’re on the go and hungry, chances are likely you’ll locate a restaurant that focuses primarily on speedy service. The food quality isn’t high-end.

Though it’s not a direct comparison, it still conveys the point. Online streaming services are like fast-food restaurants, while media servers like Kaleidescape offer premium Grade-A entertainment. Right there in your own home and with no streaming, you have access to hundreds if not thousands of uncompressed and lossless 4K movies, just like they’re meant to be seen. If you have a true and deep passion for movies, then Kaleidescape will transform your movie-watching experience.

More Than Premium Movies

Even though the hallmark of Kaleidescape’s system is its ability to offer uncompressed and pure-quality movies, the movie server can also be integrated in your Control4 smart home system for ultimate control. As you settle back in your home theater seats and browse your collection of movies, the Control4 system is waiting and ready for you to press play. When you do, Control4 turns down the lights in your cinema space, raises the curtains, and adjusts your screen. You don’t need to get up to do a thing.

Kaleidescape also offers many ways for you to interact with your music library. Organize it the way you want, play trailers, create custom collections, or jump to your favorite scene in a movie. Kaleidescape’s award-winning interface is known for its ease of use, so there’s essentially no learning curve. Unlike going to the movie theaters, you’re always in the director’s chair when you have Kaleidescape in your home.

Skip the movies and enjoy the highest-quality films right in your home theater. Contact Futurian Systems about Kaleidescape and our home theater installation services. Chat with us below, call us, or visit our online contact form to schedule a consultation.


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