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Dream Big for Your Home Theater: Dolby Atmos & Large Format Displays

Bring the Movie Theater to Your Home

What some people call a “home theater” isn’t much of a theater at all. Mounting a large TV in front of reclining seats doesn’t make a room a private cinema. If you want a truly cinematic experience in your Vail, CO home, you’d be cutting yourself short to not think big for your home theater installation.

Read on to see the projector, screen, and sound options you can implement for a larger-than-life “at the movies” sensation.

Large-Format Displays

Projector Screens & Ultra-Short Throw Projectors

Memories of faded projector screens from classrooms and college apartments wrongfully lead some people to assume projector images are washed out and low quality. But if you’ve been to a local movie theater, you’ve seen how high-contrast and clear a projector can look.

Brands like Sony manufacture a variety of high-end projectors in HD, 4K, and 8K, with brighter images than ever in dimensions as high as 300 inches wide (25 feet). You’ll have your choice between a fixed screen or a motorized screen that descends from the ceiling. For an ultra-dark theater atmosphere, blackout motorized shades will eliminate any distracting ambient light with just a tap of a button.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’d love to have a projector, but my theater room is too small.” Even if you only have room for a few seats, an ultra-short-throw projector can produce an 80-inch picture when placed right against the wall, and at 8.3 inches away from the screen, an image up to 120 inches wide. Ultra-short throw projectors sit directly below the screen, so you’ll have space to walk around the room without casting a shadow.

MicroLED Panels

To build an ultra-large visual, some homeowners choose to use microLED screens. MicroLED technology consists of microscopic LED lights that form individually lit pixels. They offer vastly better contrast, response times, and long-term efficiency than LCD and LED TVs.

Current microLED displays use tiles that are stitched together with as many as 3,600 pixels in each panel. That means you can ultimately make the display as large as you’d like!

Incredible Surround Sound

Surround Speaker Setups

If you’re building a home theater, surround sound is a must. And don’t try to cut corners with ‘surround sound’ replicating soundbars—that isn’t the same thing. When you first dive into surround sound, you’ll see numbers like 5.1. This means you have five speakers in the system—two front left and right speakers, one center channel speaker, and two left and right ear-level speakers. The one represents one subwoofer, which amplifies low sound frequencies for booming bass.

You can continue to add more speakers, creating 7.1 or 9.1 systems. Add another subwoofer, and that second number becomes a two in 7.2, 9.2, and even 11.2 systems.

Dolby Atmos

You’ve likely heard of Dolby Atmos in movie theaters, but you can bring the object-based audio technology to your private theater, too. Dolby Atmos speakers treat each sound like an individual object. The sound of a car’s engine, for instance, isn’t restricted to one sound channel or one speaker. Instead, it will bounce and move from speaker to speaker as the car drives across the screen. This puts you right in the center of any film’s action.

Are you looking to install a new luxury home theater in your Vail residence? Futurian Systems is your local theater designer and installer. You can contact us here or message a member of our team below.


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