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Home Theater Installation: What Are Your Viewing Options?

Home theater with brown sectional couch, projector and colorful mountain scene displaying on large screen.

Plan for an Ultra-High-Definition Viewing Experience

Investing in a home theater is never a choice made lightly. Most often, the customers who install a home theater are movie lovers, gamers, or avid TV show watchers. We love that these customers care about the quality of their viewing experience.

As technology integrators, we often get asked what’s the best video display option available for a home theater installation - if you’re planning to install a big-screen TV. There are a few varieties out there, but we’ll focus on two in this blog. We hope you’ll take a look before you purchase one for your Southlake, TX home theater.

The Evolution of 4K

If you’re looking for a high-quality viewing experience for your home theater installation, look no further than 4K, commonly called Ultra High Definition (UHD). With 4K definition, the viewer gets more pixels per frame, meaning that the image won’t become pixelated (or grainy) when viewing it on a large screen.

Prior to the availability of 4K, HD displays had a video resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels. With 4K/UHD, the video resolution is 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. As a result, the image is much more crisp and vibrant, offering bolder colors and greater contrast with no pixelation, even on very large screens.

Today, there are many varieties of 4K screens available; however, each type has its positives and negatives. Here is some basic information about the three most common types for your consideration.

LED: Light-Emitting Diode

Backlit by LEDs (light-emitting diodes), these TVs display impressive brightness, darkness, and contrast. They are more efficient in power usage than other models too, and they use a wide gamut of colors - more so than their predecessor - the HD TV. However, the challenge with these LED televisions is that they have limited quality viewing angles. Once you change angles, the images can become distorted or washed out.

OLED: Organic Light-Emitting Diode

Want a viewing experience that is as real to life as possible? The OLED 4K TV produces one of the best images to date. Its bright colors and high contrast produce life-like imagery that will pull you in. In addition, these sets can be produced with a very thin design and offer a great picture at any angle, so they are a good option for mounting. For instance, the Sony Bravia XR Master Series A90J is one of our favorites.

Best of all, all TVs above are compatible with 4K streaming. Whether you are streaming a movie or TV show from Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or AppleTV, you’ll enjoy incredible quality - just like you’re watching it in the movie theater!

The Future

Can you believe it gets even better than 4K OLED? Introducing: the 8K! The future of video resolution is already here, as 8K televisions are now available for purchase. We love having the latest and greatest technology available, and if you’re ready to go for the 8K, then stop by and see them in our showroom! However, be aware that there isn’t a ton of compatible content yet, so it may be just a little while before you can truly experience ultimate viewing in 8K.

To learn more about 4K and 8K TVs for your Southlake, TX home theater installation, contact Futurian Systems today!


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