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Yes! You Can Have a Home Theater in Your Backyard!

All You Need for an Amazing Outdoor Entertainment Space

Overhaul your outdoor entertainment space this summer. Your backyard, pool deck, or patio can become an extension of your living areas. After all, why should you keep all the fun indoors? By adding brilliant 4K displays, a premium outdoor sound system, and smart home control, you make it even more enjoyable to spend time outside.

So, instead of admiring your property from the windows, get out there and soak yourself in the sights and sounds of an amazing outdoor AV system. Keep reading to discover the top technologies you need to turn Vail, CO’s “Great Outdoors” into a great entertainment space.

An Outdoor Home Theater: Is it Possible?

Nobody said that home theaters need to be indoors. Still, homeowners have been skeptical about putting them outside. They are apprehensive about ambient light or direct light from the sun interfering with their screen. In addition, sound quality is a big concern. In an area without four walls, they think it’s impossible to create a surround-sound feeling. Nothing could be further from the truth!

SunBriteTV for an Vibrant Outdoor Display

Futurian Systems has been installing outdoor entertainment systems for many years. Premium TVs from SunBriteTV provide up to 3X the brightness of indoor models. They also use glare-reducing technology, making it possible to watch movies in living color and in full sun. SunBriteTV offers three models based on your needs: Veranda Series (for full-shade areas), Signature Series (for partial-shade areas), and Pro Series (for full-sun areas). Now, you can watch movies and sporting events wherever you are on your property.

Screen Innovations Helps You Enclose Your Patio

You want to be outside, but you’d rather not deal with bugs, the sun, or outdoor nuisances. Fortunately, Screen Innovations has got you covered – literally! The company’s outdoor screens allow you to fully enclose your patio, effectively expanding your living area. In fact, the shades completely seal your outdoor space to keep the heated and cooled air inside, creating a pleasant environment for outdoor entertaining. Choose between thousands of fabrics to suit your design motif. And, of course, your new outdoor shades can be easily controlled via your smart home tablet or smartphone app.

Immersive Audio in Your Backyard

Listening to a movie through your TV or wall-mounted speakers seems to work fine. But does it provide the surround-sound experience you want? No. Instead, you want the same heart-pounding, immersive audio experience you have in your indoor home theater. Fortunately, with Paradigm speakers, it’s achievable. In fact, creating a surround-sound environment is possible for any area in your backyard.

For instance, if your home theater is on the porch, we can install a 5.1 system or even a 7.1 system. That’s five speakers and one subwoofer or seven speakers and one subwoofer. We can even install speakers on the ceiling of your patio, so when planes fly over in the movie, it will sound like it where you’re sitting!

Also, with a multi-channel and distributed audio system, you can enjoy the movie while those in the pool listen to their favorite tunes through another set of speakers. Best of all, you can control everything with your smart home tablet or smartphone app.

Would you like to see how we can create the perfect outdoor entertainment space on your property? Call Futurian Systems at (866) 597-6616 or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation.


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