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How to Enhance Your Outdoor Entertainment Experience

Create an Immersive Media Environment in Your Backyard

As the summer season continues with endless opportunities for outdoor enjoyment, it’s always the best time of year to make the most of your outdoor spaces. But is your backyard up to par with its entertainment solutions and overall setup? You want a space that feels inviting for your friends and family, with a top-notch media performance for every guest to enjoy.

For this quality of an AV experience throughout outdoor spaces, you need upgraded outdoor entertainment. At Futurian Systems, we’re dedicated to bringing integrated audio-video components to your backyard that perform just as perfectly outside as your indoor AV equipment does.

Want to learn more about creating the perfect backyard entertainment setup for your home in Vail, CO? Keep reading below.

Extend the Fun!

Why keep the fun and entertainment cooped up indoors? Just like you, your home media can truly thrive in the open air and out on the patio with your loved ones. An outdoor AV system will transform your outdoor areas into an all-out entertainment center to accommodate any occasion or event - from larger gatherings to even a last-minute pool party with neighborhood friends.

Covered porches or sunrooms that lead to your backyard or outdoor areas can often make your outdoor entertainment even more attainable. These “in-between spaces” become the perfect place to relax before you head out to enjoy your yard in the bright sun or cool breeze. Want to dress these spaces up even more? Motorized shades for porches or spaces with large sliding glass doors can let you take a break from the intense heat, or protect you from the weather overall, while still letting you enjoy your outdoor media.

Top-Tier AV Solutions

Of course, an upgraded outdoor entertainment setup depends on the quality of your equipment. Our team of professionals at Futurian Systems prioritizes working with only the most trusted brands and their high-end products, ensuring that the audiovisual solutions throughout your yard and patio areas offer the best AV performance available.

Stunning video displays can showcase your favorite movies and media in the brightest sunshine or under the stars, while landscape speakers make sure every guest has high-fidelity audio reach their ears. Top-quality equipment makes for an incomparable viewing setting and soundscape right in your own backyard.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor AV

Your outdoor entertainment doesn’t have to be just for big events or special occasions! Take advantage of everything your audio-video system has to bring to the table in even the smallest of moments all year round.

Take a break after work on the patio and catch up on a podcast or audiobook, listen to some ambient sounds while you relax by the pool, or put a family-favorite movie up on the screen as the evening rolls around. Play your favorite tunes or background music as you take up some gardening or as the kids play with pets across the yard. The audio-video options are endless - whether you’re hosting a tailgate or dinner party or simply wanting to enjoy the great outdoors without leaving home.

Want to find out more about upgrading your outdoor entertainment setup and how you can take advantage of all its benefits today? Give our team at Futurian Systems a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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