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3 Ways to Create the Best Outdoor Entertainment Experience

Excite Your Senses with Outdoor Technologies from SunBriteTV, Paradigm, and Screen Innovations

When you upgrade your outdoor entertainment in at home in Westlake, TX, you’ll create more meaningful memories year-round. While the summer sun continues to shine – with fall just around the corner – now is the perfect time to expand your livable space to the porch, pool deck, and backyard areas. With a few smart modifications and additions, you’ll make your outside living space a more enjoyable entertainment destination for your family.

SunBriteTV, Paradigm speakers, and outdoor screens from Screen Innovations make it possible! Keep reading to learn how you can watch movies, enjoy high-quality music, and relax in a comfortable environment while spending time outside.

Relaxing Outside in the Summer – Is That Possible?

Texas is no stranger to hot weather. With heatwaves being quite common in recent years, our area can easily reach max temperatures of 100 degrees – or more! So, who wants to spend time outside? And then you have the bugs! But enough with the negativity. Futurian System has a solution! When the weather is “too hot” to go outside, why not enclose your porch with motorized screens? Then, you can relax in a cooler environment while still enjoying the sights and sounds of nature – as well as movies and music (more on that soon).

Screen Innovations designs outdoor solar screens to keep the heat and sun off your porch. These aren’t screens that blow in the wind either. Instead, they use a MagnaTrack system that locks them in place yet allows you to raise and lower them via a remote or smart home touchpad – seamlessly and quietly. In addition to keeping the cool air in (or the heat in during the winter), they are also effective at preventing mosquitoes and pesky bugs from entering your porch and home.

Watch Movies in Vivid Color & Brightness

Sitting in your custom home theater, you experience the ultimate indoor entertainment. The 4K display, the surround-sound system, and the lighting and décor all come together to elevate your private cinema to enviable levels. The same can be true for your outdoor entertainment spaces. A SunBriteTV is uniquely designed to provide amazing outdoor viewing in full shade, partial sun, or full sun.

Watch a football game, a new movie release, or your favorite show without the sun affecting your viewing experience. Regardless of the lighting condition, your outdoor TV will deliver a bright, colorful, and clear display from any angle. TVs from SunBriteTV are also weatherproof, so you won’t worry about extreme heat or cold damaging the screen or internal components.

Don’t Forget an Outdoor Audio System

It’s true – a SunBrite TV includes excellent internal speakers, but you shouldn’t rely on them to achieve the surround sound you want on your porch – and certainly not your pool deck or backyard. Paradigm’s outdoor speakers, when properly positioned, are built to deliver unparalleled sound quality throughout your outdoor space. Also, by adding outdoor in-ground subwoofers to your system, you get a deep and full-range with all the music you play.

The company’s Garden Oasis Series is a landscape loudspeaker system with a range of customizable options that ensures you have an all-encompassing soundscape throughout your yard. Their Stylus Series offers high-end sound in your backyard, pool deck, porch, and even inside your home. The Rock Monitor speaker system includes high-performance single-speakers that ensure extremely wide dispersion – and they look like rocks, so they’ll blend in beautifully with your yard.

Would you like to discover more options for your outdoor entertainment area? Futurian Systems can customize a system for you! Get started by calling (866) 597-6616 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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