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Overhaul Your Outdoor Spaces with a Sensational AV System

How an Outdoor Entertainment System Makes Open-Air Living More Enjoyable

Now that pleasant weather has arrived in Southlake, TX, it’s time to bring the entertainment outside. Even though you may have a custom home theater and whole-home audio system that keeps you entertained inside, you can expand the experience to your outdoor spaces. Just imagine what an outdoor AV system will do for your family barbecues and parties with friends.

Instead of simply admiring your backyard, let Futurian System help you get the most out of it. By installing premium AV technology for your pool, patio, and outdoor kitchen area, we’ll turn your yard into a happening hub or a relaxing retreat – whatever you want! Keep reading to see how to take outdoor entertainment to the next level.

SunBriteTV: A Mesmerizing Outdoor Display

Not all TVs are alike. You probably know that if you have a private cinema in your home, because you were careful to select a 4K TV with HDR that provided a vivid picture with high contrast and color. But you may not know that an indoor TV, even one as good as your home theater TV, cannot provide the brightness needed for outdoor viewing.

Fortunately, SunBriteTV specializes in designing and manufacturing 4K UHD TVs that are built for outdoor environments, both partial sun and full sun. Put one of their TVs on your pool deck, and you’ll enjoy an amazing, clear, and colorful picture even when the sun is shining brightly. In fact, the Pro Series from SunBriteTV is 3X brighter than an indoor TV. When watching a movie, TV show, or game, you and your guests never miss a detail. In addition, all SunBriteTV models are weatherproof and handle extreme temperatures, from snow to stifling Texas summers.

Paradigm: Outdoor Audio That’s Music to Your Ears

Much like indoor TVs, indoor speakers cannot deliver the crisp and clear sound you need for outdoor environments. You need ones that stand up to heat, cold, rain, snow, and open-air conditions. Paradigm outdoor speakers are high-performing because they are specifically built for outdoor living environments. Place them in your yard, patio, or pool deck, and you’ll enjoy superior audio performance combined with a rugged and stylish weatherproof design.

When properly positioned in bushes, in flower gardens, in the ground, and in other strategic locations, the speakers create a surround-sound experience. Wherever you go in your yard, the same consistent, high-quality music follows you. If you want your outdoor audio to be heard and not seen, Paradigm has virtually hidden speakers as well as a Rock Monitor disguised as a hardscape feature, blending in beautifully with your landscape.

Security & Lighting

Light up your lawn for more security. When you add a security system that is synced with your outdoor lighting and Control4 smart home, you and your family feel safe all hours of the day. For instance, Luma offers state-of-the-art security cameras that keep an eye on every square inch of your property.

So, while you’re enjoying your outdoor party, if an intruder tries to enter your front door, the Luma security system notifies you immediately via a mobile alert. And rest assured, everything is caught on tape in high definition. By integrating your landscape lighting with your security system, you add another level of safety to your home. When a threat is detected on your property, your outdoor lighting can be programmed to flash to scare away potential burglars.

The Full Outdoor Entertainment Package

There’s so much more you can do to create a fun, safe, and entertaining environment in your outdoor spaces. We’ve only touched on a few. But other important components include a robust Wi-Fi network for all your technology, as well as voice-activated control, outdoor screens, and projectors.

Discover how to make your outdoor areas a wonderful extension of your home’s living space. Call Futurian Systems at (866) 597-6616 or fill out our online contact form for a consultation.


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