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Working From Home? Get Wi-Fi Coverage Across Your Property

Bring Home Wi-Fi to Every Room for Added Flexibility

Many of us have been working or learning remotely since the pandemic began. With coffee shops only open for takeout and coworking spaces closed, you may be starting to get sick of your home office or kitchen table station.

So why not move around the house or take the laptop outside? That may sound fun, but if your home Wi-Fi doesn’t extend that far, you might not have a connection in the rooms you want to move about freely.

But you aren’t stuck with subpar internet forever. Read on to see how we can improve your Fort Worth, TX home Wi-Fi for good.

First, Make Sure Your Router’s in a Good Spot

It’s most people’s instinct to stuff their router and wires in a discreet place out of sight. But Wi-Fi signals can’t pass through furniture or walls easily, so you shouldn’t hide your router inside a cabinet or in the corner of the house.

Ideally, your router should be at the center of your home in an open area. We know it’s not always easy to find an optimal spot, and some barriers are unavoidable. If you have brick, concrete, glass, or metal walls in your house, you may experience internet dead zones, even if the router’s in the perfect spot.

Spread Signal with Range Extenders or Access Points

To increase your Wi-Fi signal to rooms with weak connections, you can use range extenders or wireless access points. What’s the difference? A range extender plugs into an outlet and receives a signal from your router. From there, it rebroadcasts the signal further into your home. Since range extenders connect wirelessly, they must remain close enough to your router, not in the location of the dead zone. Range extenders don’t increase bandwidth, and your signal might lose some speed and stability as it’s extended.

Alternatively, access points are wired to a router, switch, or hub through an Ethernet cable and then project a Wi-Fi signal. It’s the same home network, but now emanating out of a new access point. There are outdoor access points and range extenders available so that you can bring your workday into the sunny fresh air.

Or Add Another Router for a Hybrid Wireless Network

A second (or even third) router will improve your network performance, letting you stay connected in every area with enhanced strength and speed. You’ll connect wired and wireless devices, making space in the Wi-Fi network for streaming, video chatting, and uploading large files. You can also isolate specific computers and technology to one router, preventing traffic from affecting the other and its devices. You’ll need an internet installer to configure wires and IP address settings to ensure both your routers work together.

Every home is built differently, and each family has their own internet needs. For a home Wi-Fi system that brings speed to every corner of your house, Futurian Systems can install the right solution for you. For assistance in Fort Worth, TX, contact our team here.

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