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What To Look For In Outdoor Speakers

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Outdoor Audio Video Solutions for Your Backyard

Outdoor audio video is some of the most fun you can have with your AV distribution system. However, when your system is outside, it has to face a number of conditions that your indoor setup avoids. From sun to rain and other elements, your outdoor audio needs to withstand the various weather conditions of Southlake, TX or certainly Vail, CO. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how you can have a system installed that can survive any normal situation. Read on to learn more.

Speaker Materials

Generally speaking, the speakers you have in your home are probably made out of wood and metal. Those are two materials that don’t hold up in the harshest weather conditions without constant upkeep. That’s why speaker casings for outdoor systems tend to be high-end plastics and coated metals. That helps them withstand varying environmental hazards.

Water Runoff and Drainage

One of the most common problems with outdoor speakers is water collection. A poorly designed unit will quickly short out if it doesn’t protect itself from the rain. That’s why most higher-quality speakers are designed with water runoff casings, to keep the rain from damaging the component. Additionally, weatherproof speakers tend to have waterproof grating, so sound can get out but water can’t get in.

Underground Components

The best ways to protect your system is by installing underground components. This could be a subwoofer that adds kick when you’re listening on the deck, or an extra amp that powers up your music. Underground components are essential for most systems because they receive minimal damage and last for a long time.

Underground amps are an important, though often overlooked, aspect of an outdoor system. Often, homeowners can enjoy a strong enough signal from their indoor setup. However, many are dissatisfied with the power their system provides. Underground amps help amplify the signal and give you the most out of your AV.

Waterproof Connections

Weatherproof components are one thing… but what about the connections? Where your wires meet your components is one of the most crucial spaces you have to watch out for. If any water seeps in at the connection, you’ll likely need to replace both the speaker and the wiring. Waterproof connections that seal the wires are available, so make sure your integrator is using them.

Are you ready to enjoy the spring with outdoor audio video? Contact Futurian Systems today by filling out this form or giving us a call at 866-597-6616.

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