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Is Wi-Fi 6 the Answer to Your Irksome Internet and Wi-Fi Woes?

How to Improve the Speed and Reliability of Your Home Networking System

You’ve got fiberoptic cabling, the highest plan from your ISP (internet service provider), and even Wi-Fi extenders in your home. However, you still have issues with internet speed and Wi-Fi connectivity. What’s the problem? The answer is rarely as simple as putting your router in a better location. Instead, it probably relates to the network technologies you’re using. 1

Like all technologies, home networking systems become outdated after a while. Also, as you add new smart devices into your home, they put a strain on your current network. The answer to the problem is to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 as well as add hardwired access points. Then you’ll have a home network with incredibly fast upload and download speeds – even on Wi-Fi!

Keep reading below to learn more about Wi-Fi 6 and how access points improve the connectivity at your home in Fort Worth, TX.


What’s Wrong with Your Wi-Fi?

It’s a sad fact, but your Wi-Fi is probably old. If you’re experiencing problems, such as video buffering in your home theater, connection issues with your computer, or lags when trying to operate another smart home technology, then your Wi-Fi is likely the culprit. Most homes still use Wi-Fi 5 with their home networking systems, but that technology is more than seven years old. It simply cannot handle all the smart technologies you have in your home, as well as other competing Wi-Fi signals.

New Wi-Fi 6 technology was introduced in 2019. It dramatically improves overall network performance with faster throughput speeds while reducing interference from other signals. It also helps your router communicate effectively with many devices at the same time. That means your home network won’t get bogged down by too many wireless technologies on the same network. Add new devices to your heart’s content! Your new Wi-Fi can easily keep up with the demand.

“But I Have Fiberoptic Cabling?”

Just because you have a fiber connection from the main line to your home – one that boasts 1,000Mbps upload and download speeds – it doesn’t mean your Wi-Fi will be anywhere near that fast. Here’s why? Most people do not have fiber-optic cabling inside their homes. The cabling from your router to other areas of your home is usually Cat5 cabling or maybe Cat6. Unfortunately, neither can support speeds of 1,000Mbps.

The solution is to install fiber-optic cabling inside your home. Then your entire home network is set up for amazing speed – no matter how many devices are on your network. In addition, by setting up fiber-optic hardwired Wi-Fi access points, you’ll increase your wireless range AND ensure an incredibly fast network. Your home will be able to handle any smart technology you add for optimal performance all the time.

Are you interested in upgrading to Wi-Fi 6 and adding better network cabling inside your home? Call Futurian Systems at (866) 597-6616, chat with us on this page, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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