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Need More Bandwidth or Better Wi-Fi? Here’s How to Get It!

How a Robust Home Networking System Helps Your Home’s Technologies Run Smoothly

One touch on your smart home tablet or smartphone app, and the technologies in your home obey your command. The smart lighting adjusts, the multi-room sound system plays your favorite playlist, and your motorized shades rise and lower seamlessly. But what happens when they don’t respond fast enough? Does that mean there’s a problem with your smart home system?

Many times, the issue isn’t your Control4 system or even the smart device but your home network! The more devices connected to your home networking system– the bigger the need for greater internet bandwidth or better Wi-Fi. Keep reading to discover how new home network installation at your Fort Worth, TX, home gives you the speed and connectivity you need.

Why You Need a More Robust Home Network

In the mid-1990s, when the internet (and then Wi-Fi in 1999) became popular for residential purposes, homeowners only used a few connected technologies – primarily their desktop computers. As the years progressed, more and more internet-dependent technologies entered the market – phones, laptop computers, TVs, and smart devices. In response to these new products, the internet bandwidth and Wi-Fi technologies were upgraded to address the expanded capacity.

Today, smart homes are becoming more and more advanced, with new products being introduced each year. If you have two or more 4K televisions, computers, several smartphone users, and smart home technologies in your home, a basic home network system simply can’t keep up with the demand. Those digital signals going to your router (and communicating with your Wi-Fi devices) create a “traffic jam” that bogs down the system.

So, as your home becomes smarter, you need a smarter network to handle all the wired and wireless activities that happen in your living space.

Giving Your Bandwidth a Boost

Are your smart systems acting dumb? Maybe you’re watching a movie, and the video starts to buffer. Perhaps your smart lighting is slow to respond. Or FaceTiming with friends and family is more frustrating than enjoyable. If you’re watching a 4K movie in the home theater, another is enjoying a TV show on Netflix in their bedroom, and your spouse is streaming music outside while swimming in the pool, you could have bandwidth gridlock.

The solution is to use a smart home integrator to install enterprise-grade solutions for your home networking system. Ordinary routers aren’t built to provide the internet bandwidth needed for luxury smart homes. By installing advanced equipment and wiring, Futurian Systems gives you the speed you need for a smooth-running smart home.

What’s Wrong with Your Wi-Fi?

Another component of your home network is Wi-Fi. It’s the way your system communicates wirelessly with Wi-Fi-enabled products (and vice versa). Even with an enterprise-grade router and fiberoptic cables, you’ll have signal problems if you have a large home. That’s because the further away you are from the router, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal is.

The smart lighting, whole-home audio, and motorized shades may be slow to respond. And you’ll certainly have a problem getting a Wi-Fi connection on a laptop or computer. The solution is to install wireless access points or wire some non-portable devices to the internet to ensure consistent and reliable coverage. Then, no matter how large your home is, you’ll always have a strong signal wherever you go.

Upgrade your home network for a better smart home experience? Call Futurian Systems today, chat with us below, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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