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Why Smart Home Owners Should Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6

3 Ways Wi-Fi 6 Makes Your Home Networking System More Powerful and Efficient

As smart homes become smarter and homeowners demand more smart technologies, home networking and Wi-Fi requirements increase dramatically. And that’s what we’re seeing in today’s Wi-Fi world. In order to function properly, new smart home products on the market depend on a network that is state of the art. If you have many devices on your home network and an expanding smart home setup, then Wi-Fi 6 is worth the upgrade.

But what is Wi-Fi 6? And how will it benefit you? In this blog, we’ll cover three advantages of switching to this new Wi-Fi technology. Keep reading to see why you need it in your Fort Worth, TX, home.

Bigger Range

If you have a big luxury home, then your home network has a lot of work to do. In addition to managing “traffic” for your computers and phones, its range needs to reach all corners of your property – even outside. The current Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi 5, is sufficient for some homes, but if you have a lot of square footage and many smart technologies, you’ll suffer from many Wi-Fi woes: video buffering in your home theater, slow response from Wi-Fi devices, and dropped signals.

Fortunately, Wi-Fi 6 travels further than its predecessor. No matter how far away you are from the router or an access point, you’ll enjoy a consistent and strong signal. Also, the battery loss of your Wi-Fi devices will be less, because Wi-Fi 6 improves battery life for them.

More Speed

Better, stronger, and faster! That’s what you get with Wi-Fi 6. In fact, it’s at least 30% faster than the current technology. That means it supports faster uploading and downloading speeds. You’ll notice the biggest difference when streaming a 4K movie, hosting a video conference call in your home office, or even doing “virtual reality” gaming. Say goodbye to lags and buffering. They’re practically non-existent with Wi-Fi 6.

However, to enjoy these fast speeds, your home network needs to be connected to fiber optic cable, as well as Cat5 or Cat6 within your home. Contact Futurian Systems about these important upgrades.

Less Interference

Have you ever heard the saying, “What you can’t see won’t hurt you?” That may be true for some things, but not when it relates to Wi-Fi signals in your home. The more Wi-Fi-dependent smart devices you have in your living space, the more potential for interference. For instance, if you’re using your motorized shades, along with many other wireless devices in your home, there’s a potential for connection problems.

But Wi-Fi 6 has laser focus. It not only can communicate with more devices at the same time, but it also focuses in on each signal with pinpoint accuracy – reducing problems with interference.

Improve the signal strength and reach of your home networking system by switching to Wi-Fi 6. Call Futurian Systems at (866) 597-6616, chat with us on this page, or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation.


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