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Looking for a Control4 Dealer in Vail? We’re Award-Winning.

You Don’t Want Just Anyone to Design & Install Your Smart Home

There’s life before Control4—and life after Control4. In an automated home, you have complete control over your lights’ color and brightness from the same app you access security devices, speakers, and TVs. You’ll find it hard to believe you used to get through daily life without Control4.

However, you can’t just pick up a smart system at the store. It takes an experienced installer and programmer to sync all your electronics, from thermostats to garage doors. If you’re located in the Vail, Colorado, area and are looking for a Control4 dealer, you can trust Futurian Systems to design a flawless system.

Why? We have eighteen years of experience and a collection of awards and certifications. Check out our credentials below to see why we’re Vail’s leading Control4 dealer.


Control 4 Certified Pinnacle Level Dealer Pinnacle Level Dealers have had long-term success purchasing over one million dollars in Control4 equipment.

Texas Private Security License #B19231 We’re licensed to install private security systems in Texas.

CEDIA ESC, ESC-T, ESC-N, & ESC-D CEDIA is a global trade association for home technology companies. We’re Electronic Systems Certified (ESC) as technicians (T), a designer (D), and in networking (N).

A+ Certified Better Business Bureau BBB Accredited businesses are recognized as trustworthy enterprises that operate with integrity and excellence. The BBB accreditation standards include advertising honestly, being transparent, honoring promises, being responsive, safeguarding privacy, and embodying integrity.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

We’re certified to operate and administer Microsoft systems.


2020 CEDIA Awards Integrated Home Finalist

Each year the CEDIA Awards recognize the top home technology projects worldwide. Our 'Modern Farmhouse' project (pictured above) was honored for seamlessly blending audio, video, security, networking, and outdoor AV into the charming property.

2020 CEPro Home of the Year Best Whole-House/Smart Home Project over $150,000 Nominee

It was an honor to be nominated for the prestigious “Best Whole-House” award.

2017 CTA Mark of Excellence Retrofit Project of the Year above $50,000 The Consumer Technology Association awarded us for our ‘Stealth Style’ retrofit project, which you can see in our project gallery.

2017 Electronic House Magazine Home of the Year Smart Home $150,000

2017 Electronic House Magazine Home of the Year Unique Space

2016 CTA Mark of Excellence Integrated Security Project of the Year Our High-Security Hemp Project was recognized as the best in smart security.

2016 CTA Mark of Excellence Ultimate Home of the Year above $300,000 We were honored to win “Ultimate Home of the Year” for the Nature Preserve Colorado Project.

2015 CTA Mark of Excellence Specialty Project of the Year

2010 Electronic House Magazine Home of the Year Best Outdoor Space

2009 CTA Mark of Excellence

Platinum Award Best Digital Convergence Project

Looking for a Smart Home Installer?

Join our list of award-winning projects and partner with Futurian Systems for your Control4 system installation. Contact us here to discuss the right solutions for your lifestyle. We look forward to assisting you!



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